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Capacity Assessment:


Capacity Assessment is the formal assessment of a person's mental capacity to make decisions about property and personal care. Many situations require capacity assessments to be conducted by specially qualified assessors who must follow specific guidelines. (


For more information regarding capacity assessments in Alberta please click on the provided link.



GP Holistic Counselling Services offers families, friends, and professionals who are looking for a capacity assessment to be done to have it done jointly by two professionally trained capacity assessors. This option does not cost any additional fees and gives one the option of having two designated assessors having to come to the same agreement about one's capacity which often brings feelings of reassurance for others.are designated capacity assessors for the province of Alberta.  Often, both assessors meet together to jointly do the assessment to ensure both assessors come to the same agreement. Most clients and families prefer this as it tends to: be more timely done; is easier on the families to talk to another assessor without their loved one present that may upset them; and clients feel like they “get more bang for their buck.”

Assessments may occur over a number of days and can be done in the adult's place of residence, living care facility, group home, or anywhere else they may be. Assessors will come to meet you where you are at!



  • $250 for the initial interview and research

  • $250 for the assessment (for personal or finances)

  • $200 extra if both personal and financial domains are to be assessed.

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