About Malissa


Malissa is a Professional Social Worker who brings with her over 15 years of experience working in the social field sector serving children, youth, adolescents, adults, and seniors of various needs, intellectual abilities and diversities in health care, education, correction type settings and clinical counselling. Having several years experience as a researcher, therapist, counsellor and educator she specializes in sex, gender, mental health across the lifespan, diversity, abuse and behavioral issues of all ages. Malissa is a registered social worker in high standing with the Alberta College of Social Workers Canada, a private practice rooster member, a founder of her own counselling business, a previous government employee, a beauty queen, and is a community leader and mentor in her hometown and abroad.


Malissa has a passion for her profession and the well being of her clients, which is obvious with her commitment to life-long learning. Malissa is continuously upgrading and training to expand her skill-set to better assess and treat a variety of concerns.  Malissa takes professionalism seriously and believes in working alongside the clients she has the pleasure to serve in an upbeat, professional, and realistic manner both locally and internationally.

Malissa Veroni, MSW RSW
Hons. B.A Social Development Studies
Dip. General Social Work
Cert. Child Abuse Studies

Designated Capacity Assessor (Alberta)

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