GP Holistic Counselling Services

Helping you to Manage all your Mental Health Needs.

 Malissa Veroni
Hons. B.A Social Development Studies
Dip. General Social Work
Cert. Child Abuse Studies
Designated Capacity Assessor (Alberta)

Individual counselling, seeks to improve personal well-being and mental health.

Couples' therapy, seeks to improve well-being for the couple by achieving success in the friendship, establishing needs for intimacy and improvements in sex for overall couple fulfillment.

Family therapy creates change and development by sustaining the relationships within the family unit.

Sex therapy, seeks is designed for individuals and couples to address medical, psychological, personal or interpersonal factors impacting sexual satisfaction. 

My Approach

GP Holistic Counselling Services works from a client centered philosophy in which the client is the expert.


Working from a holistic and client-centered framework, clients will have their own personalized tailored program that will include his/her/their relational, emotional, mental, social, sexual, psychological, spiritual and environmental dimensions as they are all deemed important to recovery and healing, and thus create the foundation for the services provided.

Getting Help

Help is just a phone call away or email away. It is the first step to recovery 


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Sex Therapy


Family Therapy


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